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  • Save Your Sanity with These Shopping Tips

    The other day I needed to go shopping during the day without my husband. I didn’t want to go, but I needed to get food by that evening and I wouldn’t have time after he got home. So I packed up the boys and threw them in the car. I drove to a big box […] More

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    The Deathly Dangers of Blind Cords

    They are in all of our homes. They are something we see every single day and something we may even use every day. They are things we never consider to be dangerous and yet they have killed over 800 children! So, what are these dangers? This danger in our home is blind cords? How are […] More

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    11 Amazing Parents Dancing With Their Kids

    The world is filled with amazing parents that know how to let go of their inhibitions and teach their kids the true definition of cool.  Luckily, the internet provides us with insight into just how they do it! Here is a list of 11 parents being absolutely awesome with their kids. 11. This Dad & […] More

  • How your divorce affects your kids

    Parents involved in the process of divorce can sometimes forget what toll such separation takes on their children. Should I say forget or disregard? I think disregard seems more like the word to use because parents do notice changes in the behavior of their children, but often feel these effects are of no immediate consequence. […] More

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    The 10 Hardest Things about Parenting

    Seeing your kid struggle and deliberately not step in to help fix could be one of the most difficult thing you would experience as a parent, despite the fact that you knew that was the best way to build him. More

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    10 Ways your Life changes when you become a parent

    People say things like, “Say adieu to your social life” or ” learn to function with 2 hours of sleep” once you become a parent. There is truth in their advice but what nobody talks about is the positive impact of a child in your life. More

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    How to Protect Your Kids from Bullying

    Bullying is an undesirable, aggressive, and forceful conduct in which a kid or teenager uses a genuine or glaring power imbalance, for example, physical strength, popularity or access to humiliating data to harm or control other children. It can incorporate anything from spreading rumors to verbal abuse to physical hostility. Basically, Bullying is a mishandling […] More

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    30 Celebrities Who Are Also Breastfeeding Mothers

    Breastfeeding is a beautiful thing. It not only healthily nourishes a baby, but the act is a bond that mothers adore. Nevertheless, breastfeeding, especially in public, is still shamed. Another factor that raises eyebrows is the age of the baby. No matter how you feel about it, check out these hot celebrities who are breastfeeding […] More

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