10 Toddler Safety Stools Used By Experts

The ideas of free thought, free speech and self-determination are freedoms loved and enjoyed by all in this country. Even from a tender age, most children have an instinctive need to say what they want and do want they want. Especially during those toddler years when they go through the phase of needing to prove how grown up they are.

Whilst this phase is endearing and can be the source of many laughs and cute home videos; having a toddler exercise those freedoms may also take a bit more time than most parents are prepared to give.

One of the easiest ways of adding to their confidence but not being late for work every day is to incorporate it into the morning schedule. Simply put, get a step stool and assign them small tasks or give additional time for current ones like eating.

Here are a few stools that will help their confidence and add function to your home

1 – Safety 1st Wooden Two Step Stool

Our neighbors across the pond in Britain are known for building quality and long lasting items. This stool is built out of solid wood with a lower step that can be pulled out by the little one. Ideally this stool is for the toddlers ranging from 18 months to 4 years. As a safety feature, the stool is lightweight with anti- skid pads to protect the user.

You can get this item on e-Bay for $38 plus shipping and handling.

2 – Kid’s Collapsible Learning Tower/ Helping Tower Foldable and Adjustable with Engraving or Safety Door option

Coming back home to the USA we find this number offers a few more features and an added level of security for more frisky customers. Capable of being folded down when not in use, the learning tower can be personalized by having:

  • Plain Wood
  • Engraving with a child’s name
  • An extra safety gate
  • Gate + engraving

Currently the seller does not paint the tower but the staining or painting process can be a family DIY project one the item is received.

The Learning Tower can be purchased from Esty for $100 plus shipping, handling and local taxes where applicable.

3 – Learning Tower Kids Adjustable Height Kitchen Step Stool with Safety Rail (Apple Green) – Quality Learning Furniture from Little Partners

With a focus on a variety of kid friendly furniture, the Little Partners’ Learning Tower is for the more discerning buyer. Priced at $200 on Amazon.com, some assembly is required; once assembled though this item does not collapse. Made from Birch and Poplar wood you can buy this tower in a number of different colors to fit the décor of home.

In addition to being available in multiple colors, the Learning Tower comes with a number of kits that can transform it into an Art Easel or Playhouse. There are a few selections here when it comes to engaging with the children and making home a fun place to be.

The Learning Tower is best used for toddlers three years and older.

4 – 3-Step Wood Step Stool by Boraam

The phrases long term and toddler rarely go hand in hand but this stool purchase would be an exception. Having a maximum weight capacity of 270 lbs., safety latches on the side and being collapsible; this item can be used by both adults and children. After assembly, the use is only limited to the imagination of the owning family; you can choose to use it for help in the kitchen, outdoor seating or as an extra step for those hard to reach places.

Available on Wayfair.com for $89.99, this stool comes in white or cappuccino.

5 – Windsor Kids Wooden Step Stool – Teamson Kids

There are times when the space you live in is not large enough to accommodate another piece of furniture. If this is also your situation, the Wooden Step Stool has the added bonus of being a both a chair and a stool. A simple adjustment can bring it through the functions; an added benefit is that it is available in a natural color or white.

This stool is available on Amazon from multiple sellers with a price ranging from $29- $48 and can hold up to 100 lbs.

6 – Fantasy Fields – Enchanted Woodland Thematic Kids Wooden Step Stool with Storage

As a parent, we know how imaginative our kids can become. So why not stoke their imaginations with some bright colors daily? This thematic stool has the additional benefit of storage, so the toys can be kept here after an intense play session. Perfect for toddlers aged three and up, this stool has a maximum capacity of 75 lbs.

The Thematic Kids Wooden Step Stool can be found on Amazon for $64 and free shipping.

7 – Dual Height Step Stool for Kids

Not all households prefer wooden stools for their child/children; additionally toddlers especially want independence in the bathroom too! This step stool is perfect for potty training or while teaching our kids how to properly brush their teeth. The anti-skid technology used makes this a great purchase for any floor surface and it’s so lightweight that your toddler can bring it anywhere that it is needed.

Available on Amazon for $28.99 maybe multiple can be bought so that one can stay outside of the bathroom and one stays inside the bathroom.

8 – Kids Best Friend Boys Blue Step Stool

This step stool is also available in pink, purple and green so it’s pretty gender inclusive and useful. Primarily built for potty training your two year old toddler, this stool can be used all over the house for whatever is deemed fit. In addition to supporting the little one, this plastic number has a max load of 70 lbs. In addition to being lightweight, the anti- slip grips at the bottom will prevent slippage during use.

The step stool is available on Amazon for $10.09 plus shipping and handling.

9 – High Rise Step Up

While not purely a stool or a high rise chair but a hybrid of both, this step up is made of solid Birch plywood. Given the height of this item, the addition of side panels, non-slip stair treads and anti-skid technology makes this a safe bet for the inquisitive minds of toddlers and older children alike. After the child has outgrown the use of the step up, with a few adjustments, it can be transformed into a storage unit or an outside chair.

Available in a few colors, the High Rise Step Up is found on Amazon for $104 plus free shipping.

10 – Do it Yourself

For the DIY crowd with the correct equipment, a little time and some elbow grease, the video below can give a detailed outline on creating a masterpiece from scratch.

If additional details are needed, you can visit this site and have free access to the sketch up file, PDF plan and cut list.

Whether it’s bought or built, enjoy this stage of your child’s life and give them as much time and attention as you can now.

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