13 Ways To Make Bedtime Easier For Your Kids

  • Snacks prior to bedtime


In the event that your kid likes eating snacks before going to bed, picking the correct sort of snacks may help make the bedtime battle somewhat easier. It is a known fact to all of us that drinking milk before going to bed enables one to sleep better, yet do you know why? It is on the grounds that milk has tryptophan, a sleep promoting amino acid. One of the benefits of carbohydrate foods is that they make enough tryptophan available to the brains.

Along these lines we tend to feel drowsy after taking carbohydrate foods. You could attempt to offer such carbohydrate foods like peanut butter bread, cereal with milk, nuts, bananas, eggs, honey, crackers or cheese before going to bed. However, keep whatever you give them in check, so they won’t be overfed before bed, since it might make them experience difficulty sleeping and it might likewise prompt more visits to bathroom.

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