9 Simple HACKS To Childproof Your Home For Free

Having a child can get expensive really quick. Babysitters, baby products, doctor bills can severely cripple you financially. Childproofing your entire home is something that needs to be done, but shouldn’t necessarily come at a high price.

We know you have good intentions and want to baby proof your entire house, but time and money are a real issue you need to deal with.

Protect your child’s little fingers from getting caught in the door, prevent a book from denting their head or avoid a fatal accident by securing dangerous cupboards with these common household objects.

1 – Rubber Bands To Keep Doors Open

You don’t need to buy a plastic door holder. Simply loop a rubber band around a door’s inside and outside knobs.  Twist it into an “X” to keep the latch open.

Don’t lose your rubber band by letting it hang on the door knob when you’re finished.  It’ll be ready for use the next time

Rubber Bands To Keep Doors Open
from www.goodhousekeeping.com

2 – Pool Noodles on Doors

A particularly creative way to keep doors from slamming onto your child’s fingers is to cut up an old pool noodle and install it on the edge of your door.

Pool Noodles on Doors
from sheknows.com

3 – Old Inner-tubes around a bookcase

Find some old inner-tubes and wrap them around your bookshelves to help fence the books in place.  Your tot won’t be able to toss them around anymore!

Old Inner-tubes around a bookcase
from instructables.com

4 – Cookie Cutters to Lock Cabinets

Don’t spend any money on expensive cabinet locks.  Rummage through your old baking gear to find some cookie cutters you can wrap around cabinet handles to lock them into place.  It’s cheap, efficient and a great conversation starter!

Cookie Cutters to Lock Cabinets
from simplykierste.com

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