9 Simple HACKS To Childproof Your Home For Free

5 – Fabric Paint to Prevent Sliding on the Floor

Maybe not EVERYONE has this at home, but in case you do, go ahead and draw something neat under their feet.  It’ll give their tiny feet more traction and hopefully prevent a tragic fall on a slippery floor.

Fabric Paint to Prevent Sliding on the Floor
from iammommahearmeroar.net

6 – Laundry Basket in the Bathtub

When bath time comes around, put your children, their toys and everything else needed in a laundry basket.  It’ll prevent slipping, sliding, falling and makes cleaning up a breeze!

Laundry Basket in the Bathtub
from howtohackparenting.com

7 – Hair Tie to Prevent a Toilet Paper Mess

This is really simple.  Wrap a hair tie or anything similar to one around your roll of toilet paper.  Your kids won’t be able to unravel the entire roll anymore.  Bonus: Works on cats too!

Hair Tie Around Toilet Paper Roll
from ckandnate.com

8 – Command Strips to Lock your Fridge Door

If you have any extra command strips lying around, you can create your own make-shift lock for the refrigerator.  Simply use an elastic to keep the door shut.

Command Strips to Lock your Fridge Door
from Pinterest

9 – Tupperware to cover door knobs

Any important knobs or door handles can be protected by cutting a hole inside a tupperware lid. To open doors, simply unscrew the container to access the knob.

Tupperware to cover door knobs
from Pinterest

If you would like to submit any other creative ways to childproof your home with household items, please submit them here.

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