Are your window blinds safe or a hidden killer?

The above image was taken from Nicky and Nate Walla video where their son got caught on camera silently hanging from the window by a cord. Fortunately, Gavin survived his ordeal. However, he is not alone.

With a reported eight hundred children falling victim to looped blind chords last year, the question all parents should be asking themselves is: Could my child be next?

window blinds cords can be deadly to children
Window blinds cords can be surpringsly deadly to children

The deadly combination of low-hanging blind chords and young children has proved fatal in far too many cases and it’s time that we, as responsible parents, did something about it. Are you really willing to risk your child’s life over something that can be fixed in a matter of minutes?

Child Protection Agencies across the globe have come together in a joint effort to highlight the blisteringly obvious safety issues that plague modern day homes. We managed to catch up with Joy Edwards, whose daughter was the unfortunate victim of this harsh, yet avoidable, death.

It’s hard to talk about losing our beloved daughter, but if it saves at least one life then it’s worth it. We never thought that the blind in Leah’s bedroom could be deadly – it is so important that parents are made aware of the risks.

Joy Edward's last picture of her daughter Leah Edwards before her tragic death
Joy Edward’s last picture of her daughter Leah Edwards before her tragic death

We teamed up with Joy to create a list of tips that we HIGHLY recommend you follow:

  1. Never, ever, ever place cribs, beds, or any other item of furniture near blinds. You can’t blame inquisitive children for climbing around and exploring their surroundings, but you can blame ignorant parents for positioning them right near the dangerous chords. Take Joy’s advice. Don’t do it!
  2. Our best advice is: do not use corded blinds!  There are plenty of manufacturers out there that produce cordless blinds -we highly recommend that you get one.
  3. Secure Your Cords. If for whatever reason, you don’t heed the above advice and decide to keep your dangerous blinds, then it is essential that you make sure all cords are either out of sight or attached to a tension device that will ensure that the cords are taut.

The deadliest types of window coverings

Here is handy infographic from (again) our friends at the pbwfs

Which blinds can be the most dangerous for children?
Which blinds can be the most dangerous for children?

Is Your Window Covering Safe?

According to the pfwbs, here is how you can determine if your windows covers are safe:

  • No pull cords to raise and lower.
  • No Tilt cords to allow light in.
  • Tight inner cords that won’t make a loop for a small head to fit through.

Cord safety can be very confusing because all window covering products with ANY cords must have a warning label, even the cordless ones.  We are working on this issue.

Look for the Parents for Window Blind Safety Seal of Approval.  Our safety seal is only given to window coverings that do not have hazardous cords that can hurt kids. Second, if you cannot find blinds with PFWBS Seal of Approval, look for the Best for Kids certification mark on products.  When you see these marks, you know the product has passed cordless testing by a third party lab.

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