How to Protect Your Kids from Bullying

Support self-advocacy

At the point when a kid is a casualty of bullying, he may begin to feel terrible about himself. (This is particularly genuine when bullies focus on kids who have attention and learning issues) The more terrible your kid feels about himself, the more improbable he is to try to make the bullying stop. Encourage your youngster to defend himself by speaking up and turn into a self-advocate. Assist him to assume responsibility for his own particular responses to bullying.

Approach him for his thoughts on managing aggressive circumstances. This gives him a feeling of control over domineering jerks. Bullying can take a major toll on a kid’s feeling of self-esteem, so give your kid chances to build his self-esteem. Call attention to routes in which he’s unique and help him to perceive his own qualities. Having that mindfulness can improve his feeling about pushing for his own happiness and safety.

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