How to Protect Your Kids from Bullying

Build their self-confidence

“Confidence is deemed the absolute best shield against bullying,” as said by Dr. David Perry, professor of psychology at Florida Atlanta University. Fear is an intrinsic feeling present in every human, an inheritance of our evolution in which sensitivity to danger or pain was vital to our survival. Bullying is all about power – one individual’s predominance over another.

What bullies do is assault self-esteem making their victims to lose their self-confidence if nobody opposes them and this tends to continue. All kids are liable to be assaulted by a bully; be that as it may, self-assured and confident kids refused to be bullied and to say the least at all time. Smaller or younger kids are usually bullying victims, either physically or by the threat of physical vehemence.

For some, particularly the individuals who have restricted social abilities, the likelihood of physical viciousness is sufficient to decrease confidence that’s being groomed by the victim. Giving your youngster the aptitudes to protect themselves in a physical encounter can fabricate self-confidence and supplement social abilities learned and utilized in playmates interactions.

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