How to slow life down with your kids and get back to the basics

Focus on experiences rather than things
It is easy to get trapped into the belief that we need more things to make us happy.  If the new iPhone is released, then we have been wired to want it now.  We fill our lives with things which can add stress regarding money and space.  Start to minimalize your life and ask yourself do you need it?  Instead of things focus on new experiences.

It is a wonderful experience for a family to try new things.  Whether it be visiting a local attraction you have never been to before or planning a day at the local markets.  Find a new place to swim or plan a picnic somewhere that is off the beaten path.  Plan a holiday and get the kids involved in saving.  You can’t take those things with you, but memories stay with you forever.

Explore the great outdoors
Get outside and explore the great outdoors.  By being outdoors it will usually mean that your devices are off and the kids will forget the television.  By spending more time outdoors with your children it can teach them to appreciate nature and all the wonders of the natural world.  We all need fresh air and sunshine and by being outdoors it means that you will be healthier and happier.

Go somewhere you have never been before.  Pack a picnic and take a drive with no fixed destination.  Get you kids involved by asking them what they want to do.  Do they want to fly a kite? Play a game of soccer?  Go for a bushwalk and swim?  As long as it is outside, then the kids can choose.

Forget about perfection
Sometimes we just have to relax, and forget about trying to be perfect.  To sum it up, stress less and make a mess!   It is great to have order and routine, but it is also a real treat to allow things to be messy for a while.  As a parent, we don’t have to be perfect.  Our houses will eventually get cleaned and the washing will get done.

It is good to remind the kids on occasion, that they are our priority.  Not the endless jobs that never cease as a parent, or the work that never seems to get done.  Plan a day when you can be lazy, lie out in the sun, walk the dogs and come home and eat hot chips.  Life doesn’t have to be perfect all the time.  It is refreshing as a parent also, to give yourself a day off.

Move more
Get the kids and you moving more.  Our modern generations are battling obesity epidemics and health issues of frightening proportions.  We overeat and don’t move enough.  Exercise fills you with wonderful endorphins and helps you get a better night’s sleep.  If we can help our kids move more it will lead to a longer, healthier life.

We need to make play a priority for our children as it is an excellent way to learn.  Run, walk, hop, skip and jump.  Not only does moving more give our chance kids to play in the most basic of way, but it also gets them outdoors and helps them to be fit and vigorous.  It is so easy to sit on the couch when we are tired and exhausted.  But often the best thing you can do to feel better is to get outside and move.

By implementing a few easy steps it is possible to slow life down.  By getting back to the basics with your kids, you will create lasting family memories.  You will also create children who are robust and resilient and able to cope better with our busy world.

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