Is Your Baby Getting Your Husband’s Last Name? Mine isn’t!

If the parents of a baby don’t share the same last name, why should the baby automatically receive the father’s last name? It’s old school and annoying: my baby will be getting my name. Period.

So What If It’s Tradition!?

Ok, I get that it’s tradition that a child is to receive the father’s last name, but when I was pregnant with my first baby (and we were not yet married), I had a real issue giving my daughter my husband’s name when we weren’t yet sharing a last name ourselves.

When I brought up the issue my ‘almost-husband’ said “of course she’s getting my name, what are you talking about?” Huh? I don’t get this – why is it assumed by everybody and not even being discussed? Shouldn’t it at least be a consideration that a baby gets the moms name?

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