Save Your Sanity with These Shopping Tips

The other day I needed to go shopping during the day without my husband. I didn’t want to go, but I needed to get food by that evening and I wouldn’t have time after he got home. So I packed up the boys and threw them in the car. I drove to a big box grocery store and piled my children into the car and it got me thinking. Some parents are terrified to go to the grocery store with their children because they don’t have a method to the madness.


I remember when I told somebody that I went grocery shopping with my kids and they were in complete awe that I even left the house with the kids. I have two children 16 months apart and the oldest isn’t quite three, so they are a handful sometimes. However, that doesn’t mean that I stay inside! I certainly know some tricks and tips to help with the grocery shopping trip. If you follow these you will have a most pleasant trip.


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