Simple Door Stops Can Prevent Broken Fingers

What to do in case of a smashed finger?

A few months ago I was putting in some flooring into my house. I was hammering away when my son distracted me and I hammered with full force on my left index finger. I was in so much pain I couldn’t even think, function or even move. It was horrifying. I didn’t even know what to do next. I immediately knew that I broke my finger tip, but I had no idea how to handle it.


I iced, I took some medication and then I went and wrapped it up with a splint that I got from Walgreens. I later realized that I shouldn’t have done that! I hope my children NEVER have to deal with the pain of a smashed finger (because that was horrible) but if they do I want to be able to know how to handle it better. This is what you do if your child gets their finger smashed.


  1. Apply an Ice pack to the finger to reduce swelling. If your child is too young to keep an icepack on you can run it under cold water.

  2. Give them over the counter pain medication to help with the swelling and pressure. If their finger is truly broken it probably won’t help with the pain much and you might have to call their health care provider to get something “stronger.” I know that Ibuprofen did nothing for my pain and I had to go to urgency care for something better.

  3. Examine the finger: if you notice that the bruising is localized to the tip of the finger then there isn’t much that anybody can do except for give your child stronger pain medication. If the swelling and pain seems to extend down the finger into the hand then you need to take your child in right away!
  4. Do not splint and do not drain the blood from underneath the fingernail until you talk to a health care professional


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