Simple Door Stops Can Prevent Broken Fingers

I want to protect my child from everything. I never want them to experience any pain, ever. However, that is just not realistic. My children need to experience some difficulties in life to help them grow up to be good people.


I can’t protect them from everything, but there is tons of stuff that I can and should protect them from. And an accidental door injury is one of them. Injuries can happen so quickly and it is almost impossible to stop once it is happening. I remember when I went to go grab something from the van. My toddler was right next to me. I began closing the sliding door when my son saw something that he wanted and put his hand back into the car. I tried to stop the door, but it was too late. I softened the blow by a lot but it still pinched his little finger.


Thankfully, it was so light that it didn’t even bruise but I am sure it still hurt him a lot. I realized how quickly these things happen! I never want that to happen again, because next time, it will probably be a lot worse!

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