The Deathly Dangers of Blind Cords

They are in all of our homes. They are something we see every single day and something we may even use every day. They are things we never consider to be dangerous and yet they have killed over 800 children! So, what are these dangers? This danger in our home is blind cords?


How are blind cords so dangerous?

The typical victim of blind cords are toddlers around 3 years and younger. These toddlers get too close to the blind cords and somehow they get tangled up in the cords and they end up having the cords wrapped around their neck. At this point the toddlers are not strong enough to get themselves off of the blind cords and sometimes they are too short to be able to avoid being strangled. Parents usually find their children hanging from their necks on the blinds, which would be the most horrific sight a parent could ever see!


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