The Deathly Dangers of Blind Cords

What is being done about this danger?

People are taking action. We have known about the dangers of corded blinds for decades now and they are still being manufactured and sold to young families. Why are children still being strangled by blind cords when we know that they can kill children?


Organizations around the world are coming together to show consumers the potential danger that blind cords poses to children. Many organizations are in full support of the OECD Global Awareness-raising Campaign on Window Covering Cordless.

A little toddler girl was one of the victims to blind cords. Her mother is in complete support of the campaigns that are trying to ban blind cords.  The mother, Joy Edwards, said, “We never thought that the blind in Leah’s bedroom could be deadly – it is so important that parents are made aware of the risks. It is hard to talk about losing our beloved daughter, but if it saves at least one life then it is more than worth it. “I would urge people to ensure that blind cords are tied up and out of reach of young children – there are a variety of safety devices available that are inexpensive and easy to install.”

These organizations are trying to change the way that blinds are made. The leader of CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission), Linda Kaiser, said, “Consumers are trusting in safety devices that are failing. I am in meetings with manufacturers at least once a month. They are considering doing some changes but it’s not enough, in my opinion, to really make a significant change. We’re just asking for them to design products that cannot wrap around the necks of children.”


Kaiser understands the tragedy of losing a child from being strangled by a cord. She said, “I had the pull cords tied up in my twins’ bedroom,” Kaiser recalled. “And I went in to check on them right before I went to bed, because I always did that because they were always so cute when they were sleeping, and I walked into a living nightmare.”

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