The Deathly Dangers of Blind Cords

Take Aways

  • Blind cords are very dangerous. They can be pulled down by little toddlers creating a loop that can mirror some type of noose. The children can then get the loop wrapped around their head and are then strangled to death.

  • In order to prevent strangulation by blind cords, parents need to get new blinds that don’t have blind cords.
  • If parents can’t afford to pay for all new blinds they should use kits to help protect themselves more from the dangers of blind cords.

  • No matter what you do to make blind cords safer, nothing is 100% safe unless you replace the blinds entirely.
  • Organizations are desperately trying to convince manufacturers to change the way they create their product to protect consumers more.

All parents need to know that the dangers of blind cords and how they can kill your child in a manner of seconds. The death is quick and silent. Parents don’t ever think it can happen to them, until they walk into a room and see their beautiful babies dead from strangulation.



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